5 Luglio 2012

FROSINONE MUSICA – L’Australia arriva in Cantina! Tanny Barbarino live

L’house music del capoluogo in zona aeroporto ospita un concerto speciale. Venerdì sera 6 luglio dalle 22.30 presso la Cantina Mediterraneo sbarca direttamente dall’Australia, più precisamente dallo stato del Victoria, Tanny Barbarino. Polistrumentista dal tocco blues e dalla chitarra indie dopo essersi esibita nel suo paese e in mezza Europa arriva a Frosinone. Da non perdere. Qui sotto qualche info in più in inglese. Tanny Barbarino is a one-woman dirty slide guitar wielding brunette from Victoria, Australia who plays like a bloke and sings like a sheila. Her songs vary from hotrod fast to beerbelly slow and she mixes old school blues rhythms with newer indie guitar chord and vocal styles. A self-confessed non-singer, she exhibits a penchant for check shirts, ponytails and black dacks and supports herself onstage with a footstomp, tambourine and harmonica. Her lyrics reveal her inwardly romantic spirit, which is often juxtaposed against stories of criminality and mediocre vengeance. Her slide guitar has faint echoes of roughed up distortion and she plays itty gritty finger ditties wherever she sees fit. Not one to shy away from an AC/DC, Springsteen or Hoyt Axton cover, her sound remains original and her performance awkwardly robus t, yet intriguing. She is one to watch. Tanny started playing in July 2011 and has since been gigging regularly in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Ireland and Australia. In early 2012 she self-released her first album, Save Me the Last Waltz Sugar. All 13 tracks were written, recorded and mixed by Tanny herself and mastered at Sage Audio in Nashville. It’s an impressive first release from this one-woman weirdo dirtbag and hopefully only the beginning.

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